Reflections on a Month of Writing


Today marks the last day of my first 30ish day challenge. This January, I have written for at least thirty minutes each day.

Throughout the month, I really found myself looking forward to sitting down with coffee and my laptop and just letting words pour out. Maybe it was because of writing every day, maybe not, but I found that ideas came to me pretty often, and I usually didn’t have to think much about what I would write each day. So I accomplished my first goal for this challenge: to soften the daunting task of sitting down to write. I also managed to write a variety of genres. I wrote three essays, a handful of journal entries and blog posts, six short-story-type pieces, finished a 10 minute play and started two more scripts. Obviously, some of these were just my personal ramblings and a lot of them aren’t great writing. But among them, I know there are some gems that I’d like to keep working on, and if it takes a few messy pieces to get to the great ones, I think it’s worth it.

My only regret for this month is that I didn’t spend very much time researching writing  and writers as I had intended. However, I did read a lot, which is its own form of research, I guess.

In February, I want to explore meditation. I’ve always disregarded meditation as sort of woo woo, hippyish thing, something that couldn’t do much for anyone except the already super-spiritual. Now, however, I’m looking at it as a very intentional slowing-down. Especially now that I am back at school, I realize how little I stop during the day. I get up and go to the gym, to shower, to breakfast, to class, to lunch, to class, to dinner, to homework, to sleep. And I spend the cracks in between listening to podcasts and audio books or reading novels or blog posts. Without realizing it, I’ve been avoiding spending time with my own thoughts. Even standing in line at a store, I pull out my phone and scroll. My focus is terrible and my thoughts dart all over the place during conversations and class. Anytime things slow down, I look for something new to do.

By meditating for just a little bit every day, hopefully I’ll be able to change these things. I want to extend my focus and learn to sit with my thoughts. I think forming this practice will benefit my acting as well, as so much of the foundation of acting is being present, aware and ready for anything. Like last month, I also want to spend time learning about different methods and theories related to meditating too.

Wish me luck!

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