8 Recovery Resources to Replace the Negativity in Your Social Media Feed

Mind and Body

That last post got me thinking. It got my family and friends talking, and the wheels in my head spinning. It’s been about four years, almost to the day, since my eating got really bad. I can’t believe it’s been that long, to be honest. My life is so so different now. I am in a much better headspace and my lows are not nearly as low as they once were. But there are absolutely still times that I fall into old thought patterns. I stare in the mirror and don’t know what I’m seeing. I sit down to eat and can’t make myself do it. I get six different foods before I actually manage to eat one. I automatically make resolutions for what I will do tomorrow or next week when I don’t like what I’m doing today. The difference now is that I have the information to reason my way out of these thoughts.

My last post was about being aware of the diet culture noise that normalizes disordered behavior. But it helps, I think, to have something to replace that noise with. Substitution is one of the best ways to break a habit, after all, and filling your personal airspace with positive messaging is a great way to lessen the impact of the intrusive negative.

These are some of the positive resources and people that arm me with information and assurance for when my mind feels like it’s attacking me.

The Well-Fed Women Podcast

This show is run by two very different women, one a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and one a philosopher and PHD candidate at Oxford, both passionate about comprehensive health and wellness. Stefanie Rueper and Noelle Tarr have had their own battles with food and exercise and hold a deep level of understanding about these issues. They answer questions and address topics on all aspects of health without the diet culture lens. They are a great resource for individuals with autoimmune conditions as well. I love this podcast because I know I’m getting sincere advice that isn’t tainted by diet culture or by influential food companies. It’s all about helping you to eat and move in a way that enhances your life, rather than consuming or taking away from it.


The Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast with Tabitha Farrar

This resource is so important. It is full of no-nonsense discussion of recovery and scientific exploration of the roots of disordered eating. Everything discussed is evidence based. The podcast is geared specifically towards adults with eating disorders, which is a much necessary angle, considering most resources are intended for adolescents living at home or in college. Living with an eating disorder as an adult can be a very different beast, and this podcast handles it seriously and thoroughly.

Intuitive Eating

I had to include this book. Even though I’ve written plenty about it in the past. I want to reiterate that Intuitive eating is a constant evolution. Once in a while I find myself needing to go back to a specific section of Evelyn Tribole’s book to either reassure myself that Intuitive Eating is the way to go, or to review one of the principals that I’d been slipping up on. 

Food Psych

This podcast is great for cultivating a thorough understanding of what diet culture actually is. It can help in separating one’s own voice from the invasive voice of diet culture, and consequently separating oneself from the need to comply.


The National Eating Disorders Association website is home to tons of resources, but I especially want to highlight their helpline, forums, and free resource page.


The following are some individuals who go against the grain and are great advocates and examples of health at every size, defying diet culture, general recovery, and wholehearted living. 

Kylie Mitchell- She’s a mom, a real life person, and a registered dietician who specializes in recovery from disordered eating. She also has an awesome blog with everything from recipes to recovery advice. Follow her on Instagram @immaeatthat. 

Latoya Shauntay Snell- Latoya is the chef, mom ultra marathoner, and plus size athlete who I had the great fortune to meet last spring. Follow her on Instagram @iamlshauntay.

Georgie Morley- Georgie is the host of another great podcast called the Chasing Joy Podcast, and blogs at In it 4 the Long Run. She’s real and fun and constantly sharing new ideas. Follow her on Instagram @init4thelongrunblog. 

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