Everyday Adventures

Adventuring, Mind and Body

Given the name and premise of this entire website, it’s probably clear that I’m all about adventure and trying new things and getting out there. But during the school year, opportunities to do so are, while not necessarily fewer, definitely different. I can’t exactly decide to go work on an organic farm in Maine mid-semester. I adjust to adventures that won’t take me out of school or require long-distance travel. Some of these are very simple, but they’re fun and they make me enjoy the everyday more.

  1. Meeting new people.

Might as well start with the most difficult, I guess? Once you’ve found a few good friends and settled into a routine, it’s harder to talk yourself into going out of your comfort zone to meet new people. But I’ve found it to be so incredibly rewarding. Last year around this time, I was going into the city on weekends to meet up with people I’d found through Instagram for my Bodies for Life project. This year, I am assistant directing one of my school’s First Year Showcases, which are the debut performances of all first-year acting and musical theatre majors. In doing so, not only have I learned a ton as an artist, I have gotten to know 27 new people. I’ve spoken with some more than others, of course, but all the same, I’m so grateful to have heard so many new stories and to have found so many more potential friendships.


  1. Reading

I’ve always loved reading. This isn’t new. I was the kid who brought a book to the cafeteria and out to restaurants with my family. But in high school and my first year of college, I hardly did any reading. This semester, I’m reading more than I have in years, despite being significantly busier. I listen to audiobooks while working out or walking to class or from the train station to my internship, and ready physical books for a few minutes when I wake up or before bed. I’ve already read almost 10 books this year, and it’s only April. I love it. I’m usually reading one nonfiction book and one fiction at a time, so I always feel like I’m learning and being entertained/getting writing inspiration.


  1. Trying new coffee shops.

This semester, I am completing an internship in NYC, which means that two days a week, I have the chance to try a new coffee shop and watch the city wake up from a different window. Not to mention the great array of coffees, espresso, and pastries around. I don’t actually do this twice a week (it’s an unpaid internship and I’m a college kid, after all) but once in a while it’s a nice way to start or end the work day. My favorite so far is Bird and Branch in Hell’s Kitchen both because of the great coffee and aesthetic, and because of their mission to help restore the city.


  1. Finding new places on campus

As it warms up outside, I find myself spending any extra minutes I have between classes walking around, soaking up the sunshine. Despite having lived here for almost two school years, I’ve still discovered some new spots on campus in the past few weeks.


  1. Slacklining

I started slacklining last year and I think it’s the perfect way to enjoy the changing seasons. Whenever I can, I’ll set up my line, play some music, and without fail, at least a few people come by either to try it out, ask questions, or just watch. It’s a cool way to meet people, a fun workout, and a great excuse to get outside.


It’s the little things, right?

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