Boardwalk Scavenger Hunt


A couple of years ago, I published a post about a scavenger hunt my friends and I did in a local mall. Recently, I revamped this idea for a trip my family was taking to Ocean City, Maryland.

I’d been thinking about the fact that my family had been coming here for years and I wanted something new and fun for us to do. I like the beach, but simply sitting around for days is not my idea of a great time. I also thought about the fact that it would be a packed house because each of my sisters was bringing a friend and I was bringing my boyfriend, so that new and fun thing also had to accommodate a lot of people and not cost very much. Thus, the Boardwalk Scavenger Hunt was born.

I began looking for a list online, as I doubted I was the first to have had this idea. I was surprised to not find very much. For the mall scavenger hunt, there were lots of online lists to choose from and adapt for our specific location. In this case, though, I didn’t find any samples, so I used what I knew about the boardwalk with the mall scavenger hunt list as a template. Here is the list we ended up with.

The eight of us went over the rules, established a meeting time and place, and set out on our adventure. The plan was to meet back at Kohr Brothers Ice Cream at the end of the boardwalk, get some cones, and then enjoy the boardwalk for a while before heading back to condo and sharing photos.

The scavenger hunt itself was a blast, just as much fun as I’d remembered. It was made even better because everyone was into it, trying to sneak around and outrun the other teams.┬áJust as fun, however, was going through the photos from all four teams later. Here are some highlights from Justin and I:



We won, by the way. Here we are wondering what’s taking everyone else so long.


If you find yourself in a town you’ve seen too many times before, take our lead and try something like this to see it in a whole new way.

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